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Chi Kung is meditation in motion; an ancient Chinese martial art that not only develops our muscular strength but also inner awareness and co-ordination of the entire body. It is grace in motion, strength in tempo, power in fluidity based on the laws of nature. Chi Kung increases vital energy.

The word Chi means life force or vital energy. Kung means work. The practice of Chi Kung works on the meridians and energy centres of the body to release blockages in the flow of energy and thereby to create health in the organs and tissues. This energy is inseparable from the energy of the universe and continually interchanges with it. When the flow of energy is blocked, we become ill. The meridians are the channels along which the energy flows. Chi Kung works on the cultivation, storage and circulation of the Chi. Good health depends on the proper balance and distribution of Chi throughout the body.
Christine and Howard - Founders of the Jivananda Centre

Chi Kung uses slow movements, some done softly and some firmly (yin and yang) together with the breath to move the Chi. The slow rhythmical movements become a meditation which calms the mind and provides a focal point.

Chi Kung is easy to learn, your body works hard and you leave feeling relaxed and energised.

There are many styles and schools of Chi Kung and we have taken what resonates with us from several schools. Out of Chi Kung came Tai Chi, Kung Fu and the other martial arts.



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