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  About Jivananda Wellness Centre

The Centre offers a wide range of Therapies, including:


Therapeutic, Deep Tissue, Stress Release, Sports, Thai, Shiatsu & Indian Head Massage

Massage improves tissue health and wellness by alleviating muscle tension build up. It relieves associated neuro-muscular or musculo-skeletal tension and discomfort by encouraging general relaxation. Massage breaks the pain-spasm cycle associated with chronic pain - lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain respond exceptionally well to massage. It reduces post-operative recovery periods and speeds up the elimination of anesthetic, reduces pain and stiffness associated with bed rest. Christine and Howard - Founders of the Jivananda Centre

Massage releases endorphins that help to uplift and reduce depression. It is beneficial for the aged as it provides emotional support and care, as well as the sports enthusiast - promotes greater athletic performance and endurance, reduces the risk of injury and speeds up recovery.

Thai massage is done with clothes on - the body is gently pressed along the meridian lines and passively stretched removing blockages in the chi (energy). Indian Head massage is a vigorous massage of the head, neck and shoulders. It removes tension and improves blood flow, preventing headaches.


Reflexology assists the body to heal itself by working on specific points on the feet that relate to the organs of the body.

Body Alignment

Body Alignment accesses memories and emotions stored at cellular level. Using vibrational healing techniques, blockages and imbalances are located and released freeing the body and mind to heal itself.

Body Cleanse

The Body Cleanse machine is a method of removing toxins from the body by putting the feet into a bucket of water with an ionator. The ionator transmits low voltage charges into the water, creating an osmotic effect which draws the toxins from the body.


Howard is registered as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist with the Allied Health Professionals Council of South Africa.

Christine is registered as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Therapeutic Reflexologist with the Allied Health Professional Council of South Africa.



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